Property new changes, aluminum windows and doors market ushered in new opportunities

~Property and filled with a new wave, the most direct expression is part of the housing prices cut prices, cheap sales. Industry experts believe that the property market will usher in a new round of price surges, directly stimulate housing demand of consumers. In the real estate industry's downstream aluminum windows and doors market, it will usher in a new development opportunity by many dealer friends attention.

~Recently, the city real estate prices seems is spreading. China Index Research Institute released the "2014 China Real Estate hundred enterprises in research," the report pointed out that the sale of individual real estate prices in first-tier cities Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities, Hangzhou, Changzhou, Chengdu and other Yangtze River Delta cities have also appeared many real estate prices phenomenon. According to expert analysis, stock and housing prices in the capital chain itself is part of the sale price of the main causes. On the one hand, the data shows that most city commercial housing sales potential and growing trend clearing cycle. Especially for second-tier cities sales ratio is less than first-tier cities, and increased risk of oversupply, the situation is grim. On the other hand, since 2014, a few months before the property market turnover downturn. Therefore, real estate developers through the "low-cost market", "price running volume" strategy, the return of funds to avoid risks.

~The property market prices, has stimulated many consumers just need housing demand. As a downstream market real estate industry, aluminum doors and windows are facing strong demand for home improvement. As we all know, high-strength aluminum alloy doors and windows, waterproof corrosion resistance, and good decorative performance, long life, and there are sliding doors, sliding doors and other styles of functional products, widely used in kitchen, bathroom, balcony, bedroom and other indoor spaces , is a lot of home improvement products necessary. Therefore, many savvy investors are optimistic about the prospects for aluminum doors and windows wide market, and actively join the aluminum door and window industry wants to share.

~Since the development of the property market, aluminum doors and windows industry has also become a popular investment dealers in the eyes of many industries. For this reason, aluminum doors and windows should also seize the opportunity to pay attention to cooperation with distributors to achieve wealth win.

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