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Bright silvery white, superior quality

The product has majestic appearance and extraordinary content, not only excellent in performance, but also fully displaying king style, being the best explanation of PULAIDE to fashion, elegance and delicacy.

Top workmanship, remarkable quality

Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with the surface treated by silver white oxidizing and electrophoresis technology, it is bright, white, glossy, delicate and fashionable; the coating is full, even, smooth and fine; the surface is bright and uniform in color. The product has ultra-high corrosion resistance, capable of effectively resisting the erosion of acid, alkali and salt, and strong abrasion resistance; it is of good protective and decorative properties.

Space application

It can be widely applied to various elegant, fashionable and extravagant architectural styles; for those who want to improve the taste of house, the PULAIDE silver white rolling gate, which integrates good performances, luxury and unique style together, is the best choice.